A Pimped Bash Profile for Devs

2014-08-05 | #helper, #osx, #ubuntu

The standard terminal profile of OS X is very very very barebones. Apart from the tip to install something like iTerm to make terminal work a little more comfortable, you should also consider pimping your bash profile, making the whole terminal environment actually usable.

On the left you can find a good basic profile, providing many optimizations and useful aliases. This is a developer must-have for OS X and I have feeling that this could be quite helpful in Ubuntu (or other Linuxes with a bash) as well.

Put this file into your home directory and rename it to ".bash_profile":


In Ubuntu you might have to add ". ~/.bash_profile" to your .bashrc to auto-load this.


I added a custom bash_profile beneath the vanilla one containing a little different formatting, better coloring and a header part for venvs and git-reps (even stating commit status). The new version also colors the prompt according to the exit status of the last command.

Update 2:

I added the German git message snippets, to make the git information work with German sytems. If you got any problems in your installation, maybe convert the file to ANSI or just remove the German part at the top.