Plugins for Webdev with Sublime

2014-06-16 | #webdev

Sublime is simply the best, most complete and most flexible text editor at the moment if you don't want to use a full grown IDE.

These are the must have plugins if you plan an developing web stuff and JavaScrip/jQuery-Apps:

1. Package Control, the package manager, this is essential and should be done first (see link on the left)

2. SublimeCodeIntel, the most basic and mostly helpful general completion and code insight plugin for everything

3. SublimeLinter, syntax checking and code quality hinting for JS and CSS based on installed node.js (see link on the left)

4. Minifier, minify JS and CSS with one shortcut with some of the best algorithms available

Update: Minifier uses a web service which is a data security and stability concern, alternatively use

4. Minify, minifies and beautifies JS with uglifyjs and SVGs with svgo and CSS with YUI, which requires installed Java), is based upon node.js again and needs three packages: "npm -g install uglify-js", "npm -g install js-beautify" and "npm -g install svgo"

5. FileDiff, simple file compare (file to file, file to clipboard, file to tab, etc.)

6. jQuery, code completion for jQuery

7. BracketHighlighter, always displays the current block context prominently

8. TrailingSpaces, find and remove superfluous whitespace

9. Clipboard History, have a paste list instead of just one value in your clipboard

Addition (I recently stumbled upon Stylus, a competitor for SASS and LESS, but much prettier, pythonic and easy to setup, so I decided to include this here. Visit the link on the left to read about this nice little project.):

10. Stylus, write programmatic style sheets with this nice language, easily inluded via this plugin based on installed node.js with installed npm and stylus (see link on the left for node.js, then install in node-console with "npm install stylus -g", after installation create *.styl-files and compile them with sublime build)