Preparing Sublime for Markdown Editing

2014-12-02 | #markdown

Markdown and Sublime are not immediately a perfect match, but using three packages and some fiddling the results are quite satisfactory indeed!

First install the following packages to Sublime:

1. MarkdownEditing

2. Markdown Preview

3. MarkdownTOC

Some setting changes I'd recommend:

In MarkdownEditing: change the color theme to the focus theme, activate "highlight_line" (see links for improved theme with better readability) and set the "wrap_width" to a little more modern 120

In Markdown Preview: change the markdown css to a nicer theme (see links for an example) and I'd deactivate the build panel display. Also very recommended: change the paths from absolute to relative to make the rendered HTML portable.

The adapted theme in the links already contains some tweaks for TOCs. You can also find the original there.

You should use the adapted in the links in this configuration. It fixes correct iteration of same titles and adds umlaut-support for German titles.

Update: There's a usable dictionary package available, you should probably use when writing natural language: it's appropriately named "Dictionaries".