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If you were ever confronted with developing consistent and secure forms for html4 and/or xhtml you may have noticed that these are some inconsistent, over-complicated beasts, that require your meager brains to keep track of dozens of little specials and details, that make writing forms a royal pain in the buttocks.

So, how would HtmlForm change anything here? Well, first of all you can actually program your form with this instead of doing bit by bit handywork, rabidly switching between markup, parameter-parsing and algorithm. That's already a great thing for starters. But hey, there's more to come (in form of a list)!


HtmlForm does the following things, that you normally get paid to do:

Inclusion and Extension

Besides these pristine achievements it's fairly programmer-friendly as well:

How to get

svn (checkout with client or browse):

latest download with examples and documentation:
full release

latest barebone download:
only package release

What you need

php 5.2.x or above

mbstring (for utf-8 use)